The Corporate Services Directorate is responsible for the co-ordination and management of the functions and operations of the Agency. The Directorate led by the Head of Corporate Services provides strategic and operational support to the State Advocate and ensures the effective and efficient use of the Agency’s resources. 

The Directorate is composed of the following six (6) units:

The Administration unit is responsible for the efficient management of office services within the Agency, the coordination of transport and general office infrastructures and services and the management, planning and organizing of systems and procedures in relation to record management, library and registry.

Finance & Procurement
The Finance and Procurement Unit is primarily responsible for the management and administration of the Agency’s budget, procurement, income and expenditure. The Unit ensures the sound financial management of the Agency’s financial resources, and compliance with the applicable financial regulations. It also ensures the timely, efficient and effective procurement of goods and services in compliance with the relevant procurement regulations.

Human Resources
The Human Resources Unit is responsible for the effective management and administration of human resources. The Unit focuses on the development and implementation of HR policies and procedures; the preparation and implementation of HR plans; planning of HR development, performance management and career development processes. The Unit also oversees the processes of selection, recruitment, induction, and placement of staff in the Agency while optimizing employee wellbeing.

Information and communications technology (ICT)
The ICT Unit is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of information technology infrastructure and management systems to support the mandate of the Agency.
The Unit is also tasked with the formulation and implementation of ICT policies and procedures; the implementation and maintenance of all ICT systems; maintaining data security and data recovery; and the provision of comprehensive ICT services to all the functions of the Agency.

Support Services
The Support Services Unit is mainly responsible for clerical and administration duties in support of the Agency’s legal professionals. The Unit performs legal clerical work including but not limited to the preparation, reviewing and processing a wide variety of legal documents, records, and correspondence according to prescribed laws. The Unit is also tasked with the verification, computation and collection of judicial fees.