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Dr Steffi Borg graduated Doctor of Laws in 2012 and obtained her warrant in 2013. She joined the Office of the Attorney General in 2014, initially working within the Criminal Law Section before being appointed personal legal assistant to the Attorney General Dr Peter Grech. 

She subsequently moved to the Civil Law Section within the Office of the Attorney General, where she handled all cases relating to the Department of Public Registry.In August 2016 Steffi moved on to the Legislation Unit, where she works until the present day carrying out extensive review work of primary and secondary legislation.

Steffi has gained a wealth of experience in the legal drafting field, with a specific focus on parliamentary procedure. She serves as the Office of the State Advocate’s point of contact with Parliament, examining and reviewing all amendments that pass through Parliamentary Committees. She also attends Parliamentary Committee meetings relating to the Ministry of Justice to pre-empt any issues that may arise in the legislative drafting process.