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Dr. Christian Ellul was admitted to the Bar in 2022, having obtained a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (2020) followed by a Master of Advocacy (2021) from the University of Malta. He commenced his legal career with a private law firm in 2020 where he practiced in a wide range of areas including civil law, succession, constitutional and administrative law and human rights law. Christian represents the State Advocate before the inferior and superior courts of Malta following his engagement with the Office in February 2023.

Christian has a special interest in constitutional and administrative law and has succesfully  completed a thesis during his academic studies in 2020 entitled “Procedural privileges and ouster clauses in judicial proceedings against public authorities: a critical analysis” that critically analyzed the constitutionality or otherwise of specific provisions in Maltese law, namely the Constitution and the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure, which afford specific immunities and privileges to designated public authorities.

Christian also holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree (2012) and a Master of Science (2016) from the University of Malta.